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Removing social media links

Is there a way to remove these from the page entirely…


Hi Phil,

I tried to find that page on your site and though it looks a little different, it appears you use WooCommerce for your store. Does that sound right?

My apologies, our current site is not connected to Wine Direct as we’re making the transition over.

The above screen grab is from our WD site which is still in progress. This is where we’d like to remove the tags…

I’m not an expert on website settings, but there are settings in there that appear to enable and disable social links.

I’ve looked at the ‘website settings’ section of the back end and unticked all of the boxes and the left panel still comes up.
Are there other settings that I’m missing?

That would be a support question…

Hey @michaelhallwines,

Looks like these were added by your developer to your shop page layout directly in your website files so you can’t manage them through WineDirect settings.

The settings that @ElJefe is referring to turns on social sharing for the products themselves.

Thanks Andrea,
Does this mean that I can’t manage them myself and would have to get a developer to do it?

Correct. It’s located in the FTP, so your developer would need to edit the HTML for the product page layout. (The file being used on the product page that would need to be edited is called “main-page.htm”)