Product Navigation Tags - how to?

How do I get v65 product navigation tags to work? When I put them in a template they seem to redirect to the home page and not do anything else.

I’m talking about these tags here:


Hey @mkubas,

In order to get them to work properly you need to specify the main shop page ID in the website settings under Settings > Website Settings > Products > Wine Section PageID.

You can find the specific ID that you want to be using in the Content Editor by clicking on your main shop page > Page Properties > Admin > PageID.

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Okay Thank You.

That worked right away!!

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I have another question here. I’ve got the tags on the pages I want and they do seem to be mostly working correctly except when appearing on a sub page. For example If I use the filter for price $20-40 on the red wine page. It returns filtered results from all wines, not just red…

not sure what to do here.


I think I’ve figured this out. The Filters don’t link to the Static Product page. So When I want to filter Red Wine. The filter accesses the marketing URL I specified for in the wine type in the product section of the admin panel.

This has some implications for site structure. The static pages i set up for wine types in the store are not what I actually what I want to link to in navigation. I want to link to the wine type page instead. This way the filters will work.

That means that I should set up my header navigation as redirects to the Wine type pages.


Starting to figure this out


Hey there!

I believe I have the same problem - I’ve gone and updated the website settings with the PageID, but nothing has happened so far - it keeps landing me on the homepage (which we don’t use - and redirect back to the shopping page anyway, but for trying to get this to work I have set it to not redirect).

Does ‘website settings’ take a long time to actually apply? I seem to have had problems like this before, and then I wait a couple of days and then they have applied?

Essentially, all I would like is to get a URL that does a search query for specific varietals, which I believe I can get from adding the product navigation tags onto the page. I think if this works, it will also be a much better way of organizing the categories too, rather than manually adding them to pages.

Your help would be very much appreciated! Many thanks!

For anybody reading this - it did end up just working after waiting a couple of days!

I would love to know if there was a way of either knowing when the settings would apply (e.g. is there a script which runs at a certain time?), or if there was a way of getting WD to refresh with the new settings, as it really slows down development!


You can append ?reload=1 to the end of your URL to force it to refresh

Oh interesting - so is it just a browser cache kind of thing? (e.g. could other clients already see the update before I did?