RFM by Club type or Contact Type

I am on a quest to learn more about our Club Member’s and certain Contact Type’s RFM data, however it seems as though there isn’t anything in within ListBuilder or Reports to help with what I’m looking for. I’m specifically looking to see which Club types are spending how much during specific time frames (not a super complicated request). From what I’m seeing, there isn’t anything anywhere that allows for honing in on a particular set of Club types or Contact Types and what purchasing activity is occurring during a particular time frame. Am I missing something somewhere?

Such reports don’t really exist, but this type of information can likely be pulled out of Excel using Order Detail and Club Members report and a bunch of formulas.

WineDirect will tell you to submit this request to the Ideas board, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up on that making any difference.

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@K80 You can use our Lifetime Value Report found under Reports > Contacts > Lifetime Value to obtain this information.

Under Manage Filters, you can select the Club and Contact Type you want to look at. Then generate the spreadsheet and sum up the Lifetime Value column. This should provide you with total sales processed for this Club/Contact Type over the selected Date Range.

This report will provide you with a total Lifetime Value per customer. Unfortunately, we don’t have a report that will break down these values to the individual order numbers at this time.

Hope this helps!


Genius! This is exactly what I’m looking for! I tested the report against accounts and it seems to be pulling solely the purchasing total for the date range selected, which is displayed in the LTV column. I previously quickly disregarded this report because “Lifetime Value” mislead me to think that the report was generating lifetime purchasing numbers (relabeling that column &/or report might be helpful for others that are on the same page as I am - “Date Range Value” maybe?). But, all in all, thank you so much! This is very helpful.

Any chance there is another report somewhere that shows frequency of purchases for particular Contact Types or over a particular time frame? Ie: How many times within 2018-11-08 21:19:51 did a certain Contact Type purchase? ListBuilder solely offers a lifetime total number of transactions.

@K80 Unfortunately, we don’t have any report that will provide Order Count for a specific date range as you describe. We would need to add an Order Count column to the Lifetime Value report that will provide order count for a specific date range. This is not available at this time.

If this is something you would like added, we would encourage you to submit this request to our team here: https://documentation.vin65.com/News-Release/Request-a-Feature

Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the current limitations!

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Carisen, we really need reports that allow us to understand our customers at a more granular level. I would like to have the specific club level added to the order detail report.
On the Lifetime Value report, I do not see a way to sort by club. If the only way to get a specific club or contact type is to use the filters, it requires downloading a separate report for each - a massive amount of work - rather than one report that can be sorted or pivoted in different ways. Am I missing something?

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Here’s my pragmatic advice when requesting features from WineDirect:

Ask yourself if this is the single most important feature for your business. The one feature, above all others, that will move the needle for your winery.

If it is, post it here, and then come back on the forum and champion it.

If it’s not, don’t get your hopes up. WineDirect has a lot on their plates. I’ve had to learn this the hard way.