Sales Reports by Contact Type


I am trying to produce a sales report based on contact type (i.e. club member, wholesale, festival) but do not see any sales reports that allow me to filter on this field, and the contact reports do not seem to contain any sales info outside of lifetime value. We need to see sales for a specific time period (in the case of wholesale) for excise tax reporting as well as for sales metrics for specific customer types.

Any suggestions or would this be a new feature request? I could download the customer list and then match it against the customer number in various existing sales reports, but that would be a lot of work on my part - it would be nice if we just had the added filter of customer type in the existing reports.

Despite its name, if you run a Lifetime Value report for a specific period on specific contact types, it should return their spend in that period. Success?

I tried that and despite putting in different dates, I got the same lifetime value. Any other ideas?

I’m not sure what could be different. I just ran a report via Reports > Contacts > Lifetime Value with a date range and contact type selected, and I got only the spending from those contact types in that period.

Aha - I was using list builder rather than reports. This is fantastic. Thank you, Shannon!

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Great - you’re welcome!

I had no idea I could use this to get the spend in a specific period, great!

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Hi, anyone able to run reports by contact type by sku for a time range.
Can’t see it. Also looking for similar report for club sales.

Sales report by order type:

Reports, Sales, Sales Summary, click on add filter, than check add filter which is order type, than manage report columns which can be tax, total and so on