ShippingEasy Integration

Posting this here…to see if anyone else has interest in a integration. We do a lot of Postal shipping, and since UPS/Fedex/DHL can also be plugged in there I would want to see if anyone else uses them & vin65.

If so, maybe we can garner some interest to get an integration hooked up.

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We would be. One of our brands has a ton of rad merchandise that we sell and currently fulfill via USPS.

We would also be interested!!! We do in-house fulfillment and its a great managment tool that would be very beneficial for us. However, we haven’t been able to use it as our volume requires API Integration. If this is added we are all in! :slight_smile:

We are demoing the ShippingEasy software now. How do you currenty get your order data from Vin65? Is it pretty easy/seamless or are there a lot of issues requiring workarounds or editing? Thanks in advance for your feedback! :slight_smile:

Pretty easy from the manual side, but there is also the capability of import/export just like UPS or GSO.

@Brent or @Karson - is there a way for us to get these guys in contact with you about building out a USPS connection with vin65 & shipping easy.


For sure! You can submit any request and the details online here: All requests are reviewed by our product team.

During your next State of the Union, it would be cool to see some sort of transparency report with regards to Feature Requests. There’s still no indication when a user submits a request of how likely it is to become a reality or within what timeframe.


Hey Ed, we’re actually not doing a state of the union address this year. We’ve opted to do separate announcements vs. one announcement for a bunch of features.

As for checking in to see if features are being worked on, @SarahBarwin ( is always happy to take your call. We’ll only talk about what’s coming within the next 3 months and we’ll also let you know if the feature you requested is not going to be developed at all. If it will be developed, but not within the next 3 months, we reach out to clients that asked for the feature once it’s within the 3 month mark.


Brent this post if from a few years ago. Has Wine Direct done anything about shipping via USPS merchandise such as clothing etc?

Hi @DClappier, currently we do not have an integration with USPS. I encourage you to suggest this idea on our Ideas Forum and let us know how this feature would impact your business. All requests are reviewed by our product team.