Tiered Shipping Discounts

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to set up a tiered shipping discount on my website, where customers get a flat rate shipping on orders of 6 bottles or more and a different flat rate on orders of 12 bottles or more. When testing it out on the website, the 6+ bottle tier seems to work until I get to a total of 9 bottles in the cart, and then it just gives free shipping. I cannot make sense of it because I don’t have any other promos centered around 9 bottles so I don’t know what could be interfering with this, any ideas?

Can you post a screenshot of the shipping table you set up?

I’m trying to set it up for $15 flat rate on orders of 6 bottles or more and $10 flat rate on orders of 12 bottles or more


So I took a look at your site and it seems like it applies a shipping code until you get to 9 bottles, then it just reverts to $0. That tells me something is happening with your actual Shipping Strategy.

In the Admin Panel go to Store > Shipping and then open the Shipping Strategy that applies to your products. If you can post a screenshot of those shipping tables, I think we can figure this out pretty quickly.

Oh, yes I see the problem now. Do I just have to adjust that based on what rates UPS charges us? Previously we were offering free shipping on orders over 6 bottles so I guess this was never an issue

It depends on your strategy. If you want to just extend what UPS charges you, you can enter it there. You may want to consider making more item tiers.

Ok, I understand now. Thanks for your help!