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Switching to Flat Shipping Rates, Disallow orders under 6 bottles?


Hello everyone! We currently have a million shipping rates programmed into our strategy. It is broken up by three different shipping carriers, multiple zones for each. We want to switch to a simpler method of charging flat shipping rates on 6 bottle or 12 bottle purchases, one set for CA and one for out of state (AK & HI will probably have their own zone too). I know how to do this… my question lies elsewhere. The winery owner is considering disallowing orders under 6 bottles (ala Naked Wines) - is this possible to set up? I’m sure there is a simple solution but I can’t quite brain it. Follow up question - does anyone else do this? Also, if I change my strategies now will it break anything? Thanks in advance!
Also @ElJefe I totally stalked your shipping page. Mind if I borrow some ideas?


I can’t imagine changing shipping strategies breaking anything. It may simplest to redefine the strategy you have, but if you build a brand new one you can presumably use Product Import to assign your existing stuff to the new one. (I would test that thoroughly on a short list if you decide to do that.)

I can’t think of an obvious way to enforce a 6 bottle minimum, other than by setting an outrageous shipping rate on 1-5 and lots of obnoxious messaging. I’d tell Steve to get over it :wink:

Stalking is just fine :wink: just be aware I might be changing it up soon!


haha! Okay I figured there wouldn’t be a way to disallow smaller orders but figured we’d just say 1-6 bottles have the same shipping rate instead. Encourages bigger orders but HEY we’ll still take the sales from smaller ones. Thanks for the help again!


Hey @JCJ,

You can actually set a bottle minimum in the Website Settings under Store > Orders > Min Qty / Order.


Thank you!!! I look forward to trying it out and seeing how it goes!


Now if we could only prevent 7 and 13 bottle orders… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


:rofl: serious. I’m submitting a feature request to only allow orders in specific increments.


I went to store > orders and am not seeing Min Qty/Order anywhere. Is there more to it?


Nevermind! Found it using good old support documentation :wink:


Out of curiosity, why not allow orders of fewer than 6 bottles? Is it just not worth your while?

I actually think that even with the ability to fully disallow it, I would probably do something similar to what @ElJefe mentioned and keep the one to five bottle rates absurdly high, and then use that to really incentivize people to get to the 6 bottle quantity. You could make the rate whatever would make it worth your while to deal with that two bottle order.


The winery owners have decided its not worth our while. With the way you set up the minimum order, though, it only applies to website orders. We are still able to ring up less than 6 on the POS so if someone called and really wanted it we could do it still. We will see how it goes!


Curious how this works out for you, I for one would love to hear your results in 3-6 months!


Well that didn’t last long! Unintended consequence of the Minimum Quantity function is it limits the number of ALL items they can buy online - like event tickets. Eliminated the minimum order already.