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Trying Again - Text Message fixes

I have submitted this at least once and probably twice. And the helpful forum software is telling me it has come up here at least twice before, but for whatever reason Vin65 thinks this is a low priority non-issue.

If you agree this is desirable and important please submit as a feature request. The easiest way is to copy the URL of this thread to your request, and say “Do This!”

Two fixes:

  1. Outbound “marketing” SMS messages are not logged in the “Manage SMS” section of the Contact record. ALL outbound and inbound should be logged, not just system SMS messages.

  2. Replying SMS to one customer is a very involved process. You have to drill into the Contact record to find the number, even though the information is available at the time of receipt and could be included in the Receive log. And you have to create and save a “marketing” message each time you have a reply. A simple “Reply” button (like an email) is called for here. (And of course this reply is also to be logged in the Manage SMS log. Like email.)

Thank you - j


Here is the link for feature requests:

Here is the link for this thread to put in the request:

Thanks - j

Done. I haven’t started with texts yet in Vin65, but I appreciate knowing that I can preemptively be a part of the solution I’ll need at some point :slight_smile:

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Actually I am a huge fan of the feature and would recommend getting started. Not only do customers get another great option for notice of shipping and delivery, but you also get a different channel for other communications with customers. Many club members will write back really nice things about getting their shipments and so on.

I am finally getting around to looking into this feature and was wondering if there is a way to make a list in Vin65 of customers who have opted in to receive SMS messages? I’m not seeing it anywhere, but that doesn’t mean I’m looking in the correct place.

@melissa1 When you build and generate a list via List Builder, you’ll see the amount of SMS opt-in’s in the general information of the results. When you get to this point, you might ask, ‘who are the people within this list that opted-in?’ So you extract the file, right? But the ListBuilder export doesn’t give you this info…so you’ll be moving forward a little blind. From my recollection, - outside of the ‘system email-esque’ text messages that send when shipping numbers are added to the order- you’ll set up keywords that auto-respond with specific marketing messages. It is pretty basic. Give it a shot and let us know how it goes. Cheers!