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V2 Checkout Editor Font Selection

If you’re using the V2 checkout and have ever had the experience of not finding the Google font your website uses, please add a vote (or 3) for this feature request to try and get all Google fonts supported.


Gave you a vote! :slight_smile:

And can I add, would everyone also vote for this feature request by @JamesDavenport to add more customization options to V2 checkout as well?

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What’s V2 checkout? I know the email docs we set up are limited with font options, though.

V2 Checkout is WineDirect’s new checkout toolset they released in Oct. 2017 -

It’s default for all new accounts, and an opt in system customers that were already on the platform prior to that.

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@JaredS Voted and seconded. These options need to get better otherwise WineDirect will have a thousand V2 cart websites that all look the same.

@Peachy_Canyon_Consultants Thanks for bringing this up again! It’s been a year since I’ve given WineDirect my response and ideas about working with the V2 checkout. Full CSS control would be the best option, but I’m glad they’re looking at it and moving ahead with something.


I’m still not sure what the point of the new checkout tool is, other than a stripped down rip-off of Shopify. WineDirect told me this laid the foundation for other payment methods (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Payments), but two years in, there are literally no signs of these.

I will say, @Andrea did a great job making the standard version look and work nicer, but it seems like Wine Direct needs to provide more granular styling controls and implement web payments.


Yes! If these tools had come then the tradeoffs would have been worth it. Still makes it hard to work with, but wineries get better features. Getting zero features and shutting out developers? That makes zero sense.

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Oh man. You went there! :slight_smile:

Which I’m on board with. Shopify knows what they are doing. The big difference is Shopify didn’t build it out and abandon it as Wine Direct did.