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VinoVisit vs CellarPass


Does anyone here use VinoVisit or CellarPass for people to make tasting reservations on their website? Those are the 2 vin65 offers. We are not sure which is better so looking for opinions. Thanks.


I can only speak historical - we used VInoVisit and had no issues - I liked it. I have 0 experience with CellarPass though.


I’ve used both over the past 7 years. Both were very responsive in general with support. Both worked well enough, but I remember having fewer issues with Vino Visit. CellarPass works pretty well, but there were some settings and features which were frustratingly tricky to set up properly. For example: I wanted to add an option for customers to add on cheese plate to a tasting when making a reservation, and it was supposedly possible, but we were not able to make it work at all.