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API connectivity Issues

Not sure if anyone having API conenctivity issues, seems to be daily occurance, unable to integrate our POS and customer records in Wine Direct.

Which webservice are you using and what connectivity issues are you experiencing?

Hello Mandy
We are having terrible issues ongoing with API connections to Ship Compliant and also the disruption of tracking emails going to our customers (system emails) .
It has caused great disruption trying to get this figured out between WD and SC. Blaming a third party that says they don’t provide a webservice to Wine Direct. It is maddening.

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Hi, I don’t know, we have an API programmer and he said Wine Direct changed the configuration without notice so our API interface couldn’t operate so we had it re-written (costly) and still having issues where Wine Direct API does not allow some kind of validation of results being imported - too technical for me… Either way just really disappointed that Wine Direct are more focused on a Wine Academy (what ever thaty is all about) then every day system integrity such as a solid API connection that helps us proces orders in the back end and ship wines. Currently this process has revered to a paper based version as API unreliable.

Hi, Yes, sounds familiar, our poor API programmer once had a full head of hair… now its all pulled out! Seriously, he has re-written the interface at his cost as he has many clients using it and all needing a reliable connection. hopefully Wine Direct put some resources into API tech as it an essential requirement these days, not a nice to have. Hope your issue gets resolved.