Issues with sftp today?

Hi, is Wine Direct experiencing connectivity issues right now? I’ve tried to access multiple Wine Direct clients via sftp this morning and all of them are giving me a “ECONNREFUSED” error. I’ve checked my credentials (they’re correct) and one of the connections was working as recently as last night.

Hi @Lindsays_Doing_Wine It look like our Siteadmin Response Time did slightly increase around 4am - 6 am this morning but has otherwise been operating normally all day. We did not receive any customer notifications of slowness. I recommend checking our Status Page for real-time updates of lags or outages.

Hi @kari.scott, thanks for replying. I did check the status and saw the rather opaque

This status is still active and has been since at least 10am MTN this morning, with notes saying that performance is degraded for both siteadmin and hosted websites.

Regardless of the status page, I was able to access sftp again a few hours ago so it seems like an on again, off again problem at worst. (Having not changed any settings between those hours pretty thoroughly proves the problem was with siteadmin, too.)

I understand connectivity issues when managing a lot of servers, but it is challenging to stay patient when being told we’ve always been at war with Eurasia. I’m not a customer, I’m a developer, and I’ve brought multiple customers to Wine Direct only to be made to look foolish when things stop working without explanation. There’s a reason the (very active and large) Winery DTC Facebook group has turned almost completely to questions about Wine Direct’s competitors. :eyes:

All I’m asking for is a little more transparency and good faith when reporting issues. Wine Direct’s greatest challenge isn’t its product — though that, like all SaaS products, requires continual improvements — but its communication. I know the team has had this brought up to them before.

Hi @Lindsays_Doing_Wine,

I appreciate your response and feedback, thank you. I can see how the Status Page lacks in clarity, I myself had to double check why it still states, “Active Incident.” I’ve learned that it says that because of the three issues that are listed below, that are degrading platform performance. Fortunately, we have resources dedicated exclusively to resolving these problems at this time.

I am glad to hear that you were able to access sftp, albeit not when you had wanted to. I apologize for the failed connectivity and the frustration that must have caused. In order for us to determine exactly what went wrong, would you be able to email and tell us the date and time of this issue occurrence?

We thank you very much for your loyalty to WineDirect over the years, and for bringing customers our way. My goal is to offer more transparency with our clients, so you will find me regularly chatting in this Community Forum, and eager to help with solutions where I can. I’d love to connect with you to discuss suggestions for improved communication, and what that would look like.