Are you using multiple POS Profiles in the same Tasting Room?

Are many of you using multiple POS profiles in the same tasting room? For example, a different POS profile for each ipad. It’s a new concept that was presented to me. I’ve never seen a need to, so I’m trying to understand why and what the benefits are.

I knew a winery that was doing it, but their tasting room set up was fairly complex with a separate check in/reception room, tasting room, and another separate order processing/fulfillment room. Also, there were other rooms with private tastings and food pairings. I assumed using separate POS profiles was related to that level of complexity, but I still don’t see why it would be necessary, and it looked like it made reporting more complicated.

Any insight is useful. Thanks!

I think the most common usage of this are for wineries with multiple rooms, multiple tasting rooms or events. I don’t believe it’s best practice to give each individual employee their own POS profile, but you might have a special use-case.

We use it to differentiate our tour sales from our regular tasting room sales. You can set up the POS profile to have a specific order type, which is really the only reason i’m using a different profile. It’s been challenging to train the staff to change every order type and tag with sales attributes to track our programs, so the POS profile has helped alleviate a bit of backend work.

We use this feature to differentiate between tasting room sales and concert/event sales. We’ve found it to be a great tool so that we can revenue streams easily rather than spending time data mininig

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So then when the event or concert is starting you switch all of the ipads over to the other profile? That is a good idea and makes sense to me.

I could not understand having a different profile for each separate ipad for every day use in my tasting room scenario.


Does anyone do this for each cash drawer in the same tasting room?

We have a separate POS profile for each cash drawer. Since we’ve got between 2-6 registers running in the TR/Club room on any given day, it’s the only way our accounting team can track cash intake with any detail. Especially since different drawers may close at different times, it’s the best option we have. However, pitfalls include; POS restarting and defaulting to the first profile in the list, no true z report for end of day, and people changing the profile accidentally or purposefully and no limits on that.

We have a separate POS profile for each cash drawer as well. We have 2 in our regular tasting room and 1 in our seated tasting room. We set it up this way so that we can reconcile the cash at the end of each day.

Wow, this is interesting. We already have three POS profiles and three different but corresponding Order types for our three different geographic locations. One at the winery and two at tasting room in different cities. I am not sure that we want to mess with multiple cash drawers at each location if it means more POS profiles and order types.

We did create a page to use as a home page for each POS profiles so that the servers see right away if they are in the right place. The Top tab for each POS is either “Meadow”, “Grapevine”, or “Fredericksburg”. That reminds them that they are in the right POS profile or not.

Thanks to all for the thoughts and advice.

Hoping to reopen this discussion as it relates to one I just posted to solve an issues at our wine bar/shop.

We don’t want a second cash drawer, but a second ipad and receipt printer so our servers can have one ipad to enter in orders and print tickets to give to bartenders to make the drinks.

Would this require a separate POS profile for the second ipad? Or would we use the same POSprofile?

I’d advise if you’re not going to run cash out of your second iPad, keep it the same as your initial. The iPad will work the same, you could have basically as many devices as you’d like using the same profile/order type. It really only makes a difference for cash reconciliation.

And a general warning to wineries with a lot of devices/locations/POS profiles:

We made separate POS profiles and order types for every device, and after opening quite a few more locations, we’ve rendered a lot of WineDirect features useless with too many order types.
If you go over ~100 order types, you can no longer limit promos by order type if they fall alphabetically after the 100th type name, ListBuilder also cuts off there. If you want to add a product to a POS profile from the Product itself (like you would during a new vintage release), the Quick Add feature won’t pull up POS profiles listed after the ~100th profile.