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Automated Follow up for unopened emails?

So we have an email tied to our newsletter sign up form which sends automatically after we get a new sign up and includes a promo code for free shipping. We haven’t had a lot of people take advantage of this offer, and a webinar I watched recently suggested having an automated email set up to follow up with customers who have not opened the original email or who have opened it but not used the promo code. I’m completely lost on how I might set something like this up, does anyone have a solution?

There’s definitely not a way to do that in Wine Direct, but 3rd party email marketing tools such as MailChimp do that easily.

Bonus: Use Vintools to automatically sync your Wine Direct database with Mailchimp!

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Was that ours?

Basically, what we have is what @rmcguire suggests. We do this in Mailchimp using the Vintools integration. You cannot do it using Action Emails.