Mailchimp integration issues

Hi Everyone,

I’m having issues with my mailchimp integration and cannot set up automations on mailchimp, for example my abandoned cart email will not send. Unfortunately winedirect support told me this is a known issue, has anyone found a way to work around this?

Which Mailchimp integration are you using?


Have you reached out to Vintools?

It’s just on the abandoned cart:

“Unfortunately we had to disable syncing carts to Mailchimp due to complications and delays with the sync of orders from WineDirect that were causing problems like receiving an abandoned cart email after placing the order.


I believe we are having the same problem!

Maybe WineDirect should comment on this.

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Hi there! Sorry for my late response here.
The functionalities that you are looking for aren’t available with the MailChimp <> WineDirect integration through Vintools. However, you can pull that data from Google Analytics. They can create customer journeys based on product purchases, limited contact types and wine club memberships using the integration.

But for abandoned carts emails, we recommend using the WineDirect email!