Automatic Club Renewal for Subscription Model

Our winery operates on a subscription model where the member pays a set price every year for the club and they can then purchase as little or as much wine as they would like at a discount. As it is an auto-renewal club, our current process to renew memberships is to pull a report of all members that signed up for the club in that month a year prior and then manually delete and re-add each club so it charges the member their ‘renewal fee’.

Is there any way to make a subscription model club that would automatically renew and charge the club membership fee without this tedious process?

Hello Virginia1 thanks for bringing this question up, if I’m understanding properly, the subscription you have is for an automated discount for the year.
There are 2 ways of working this out to make this work and have it work with minimal manual work depending on what you offer:
For both sides we will be using the club tool, and the ‘welcome package’ can be the first year subscription cost, from there the two solutions are:

  1. If the annual membership renewal is done at signup month, every month you can run the club for people signed up on a specific month, so one sku of ‘yearly subscription’ can be ran for them in the club on a yearly basis.
  2. If the membership is charged once a year to everyone, regardless of when they signed up, then it can be done as a club processing once a year.

Hope this works, if not, our training department would be more than happy to go over this with you, just let us know at

Thank you for your help on this issue. I think option 1 is potentially going to help us, I have a few questions.

I think I understand I need to create a SKU for the renewal of the ‘yearly subscription’.

Do I then run the sku for the renewal under Club Processing filtering by the member sign up month?

Virginia Kiser

Administrative Manager // Rose & Arrow Estate


  1. Create your club.

  2. Create an “annual renewal” SKU at the price your members pay yearly for this privilege.

  3. I would then bill on the first Monday of every month in which a member joined the club.

  4. I would make a new batch for every month and then filter the members added to each batch by sign-up month (just to keep things clean).