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User Choice Updates


In inputting our upcoming wine club shipments, there have been some updates to the user choice options in Wine Direct.
As Wine Club members receive a partial discount on the bottles (in their club shipments only) - this feature is no longer available to edit the price per bottle.
Instead, there is a club promo option that I presume will automatically discount the bottles in the club selection.
However, will this automatically discount all wine that they purchase moving forward?

Thank you so much for your help!

Hey Erika, more or less, you are correct. So for your runs, only some wines receive discounts while others do not?

Hi Ed,

Thank you so much for your reply.
For the club processing - all wines receive the same % discount.
My concern is that the promo code, linked to the club, will discount all of their future wine purchases. Or is this feature designed to only discount the club processing package?

Thank you for your help! It is appreciated.

Hi Erika,

You can make the promo code only apply to the order type ClubOrder if you wish for it to just apply during batches. Would that work for your needs?

Hi Ed,
Yes that would work well. I presume that is already a wine direct feature?

Thank you again for your help - it is appreciated!


Yep! You may set such criteria in your Promo configuration under “Order Type”