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Changing user choice clubs after the fact?

Hi All…Our user choice clubs are growing nicely. People love the idea of selecting their wines. BUT few of them actually do it before the deadline, before I run the credit cards. They come to the tasting room, taste and then make their selections. We then need to refund and add to the WC order. This is very time consuming and I think very expensive. Based on the way WineDirect Payments works, and how the billing is displayed on our invoices, I can’t quite tell how much this is actually costing is in real $$. Does anyone else have this problem? How do you handle it? I send multiple reminder emails prior to the club deadline and have very good open and click rates (+ 60%). Any input is much appreciated!

Are you saying it’s expensive due to the additional transaction fees?

Thanks for the response. Sorry for the delay. Yes…but because of the way the invoices are broken down it’s almost impossible to tell. Plus it’s just a royal pain.

Realistically, it’s probably impossible to stop this practice. You could, of course, prohibit members from making changes after tasting or try to put off billing until they visit, but that probably wouldn’t make for a great customer experience.

I would suggest you find a way to manually tag and track these transactions over a quarter. Then do an audit and figure out how much it is costing you in transaction fees. It’s likely a negligible cost of doing business but your mileage may vary.