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Bundles of tax & non tax items

We have bundles that include both tax and non tax items. For example our upgraded tasting for 2 includes 2 wine tastings (non taxable), 2 free glasses (non tax because we’re giving them away) 2 dessert wine tastings (non tax) and a cheese plate (should be taxed because it’s prepared food). As a bundle we have to choose to tax the entire bundle and therefore it could be considered tax fraud because we’re “stealing” that other 7% from our customers. If we choose to not tax the entire bundle then it can be considered tax fraud for not charging tax on prepared foods.

We sell these bundles online so our customers can purchase their tasting vouchers ahead of time so it’s not feasible to ask them to add all of the items to their cart separately or to add 2 different bundles (1 containing non tax items and 1 containing tax items) to their cart.

Has anyone else run into this problem? Anyone have a solution?

I believe Bundle items are taxed as a singular non-wine item.

@karson would have to weigh in here (in imperial units), but I believe it would be a fairly complex (albeit necessary) task to properly tax these items. Right now, the system checks ShipCompliant or your tax tables for the correct tax rate at the parent SKU level. They would need to re-write it to de-bundle and check every child SKU and then sum those up.

But yeah, if taxing is important to you, don’t get too clever with these Bundle items.

Hi @AdkWineryAdmin, for bundles you can’t have different taxes (or some non-taxed), It is considered as a single, non-wine product. I would encourage you to send this to our development and marketing team HERE.

As far as the example that you mention above, you could do this by creating the bundle of the non-taxable items, and have a promo for this particular product that would add the cheese plate separately to the cart without the customer having to look for it. You can do this with the Buy X get Y promo where X would be the non-taxable bundle and Y would be the cheese plate. You can see all about this type of promo in THIS link.

Hope this works!

If you do the Buy x and get Y, you cannot charge for the taxable item?