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Changing Payment Type Buttons

I am pretty sure I saw that we were able to change the payment type buttons on the tender screen of the POS, but I can’ seem to find any info on how to do this. Did I just imagine this ability?

Hey @lindsey

Inside your Settings > Misc > Payment Types

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Thanks Karson!

I’ve entered my payment types, but now how to I get them to show up on the tender screen?

Hey @lindsey!

You’ll want to make sure that the type is active, and ticked on for the POS

They are marked as active and POS, but aren’t showing up. I also need to re-arrange them, but can’t edit some of the payment types. I need to make Cash, Debit, Visa/Mastercard show up at the top. We are using an external machine to process credit cards and debit.

Hey Lindsey

It was good to see you today,

What order would you like to see it in, as well, what buttons arent showing up that should be

Just saw your reply. Great to see you as well. Hope you enjoyed the weekend.

I need the following buttons added Pay with Debit, Pay with Credit Card (different from the default one as we are using an external machine) and Pay with Gift Certificate (because we have our own GC’s from previous years).

I would like the following buttons up in the top spots…
Pay with Cash, Pay with Debit, Pay with Credit, Pay with Gift Certificate


It’s kind of sad that 3 years later WineDirect still hasn’t made this a priority. We’re wanting the exact same things! Vote on this idea and maybe we can get it turned into something planned. It only makes sense to have the ability to re-arrange the order or make a certain payment type not visible if you don’t want to accept it!