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Tock sale in WineDirect

We have an experience set-up in Tock that charges a fee up front. I have assigned a POS SKU to it in tock and created the SKU in WineDirect as well. Are these sales supposed to show up in WineDirect? I have not been able to find them when running reports in WineDirect.

Are your Tock reservations dropping into WineDirect as orders with order type of “Reservation” or not at all?

No, they aren’t. The customer data seems to be syncing as it is supposed to, but none of the transactions are reflected in WineDirect.

I have an email out to our Tock account representative. Hopefully, they will be able to give some answers.

Yeah, it should work if you can get the Reservations to drop in as orders.

Yeah, Tock got back to me. They had to activate the “Push transactions” setting on our integration. I’m not sure if it is a setting that I could have changed myself. I couldn’t find it anywhere on the Tock control panel. Everything is showing up as expected now.