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I have a club member who receives a a 25% discount on his club. But we give an industry discount of 30% how can I fix it in this profile so that he stays in the club he is in but receives the 30% discount on his club shipments instead of the 25%.

You might just have to process his orders manually.
The contact type doesn’t help when it comes to discounts.
What I’ve been doing is just placing the membership on hold for the club run and just manually processing orders with whatever discount the customer should receive.

I thought that might be the case. Thank you for your reply

If you find yourself with more than a few individuals that qualify as Industry and would like to be members of your wine club it can be worthwhile to create a separate Industry Club. When you do your setup for a club release you’ll create the order with prices that reflect the 30% discount and batch your Industry members. Even if there are only 10 12 individuals that fit the category it’s worth it not to have to create each club order manually…


You can go to Club membership>Club options>Product discount

So you just go to their club page and add 5% in the PRODUCT DISCOUNT box and they should receive then the 30% on all of their club orders.

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Like Under contacts, than click on their club membership, under contact memberships, under club membership hit edit and their is a product discount which is a percent set that at 5% so it would add 5% percent more to their club?

Like that?

I have the same issue with a handful of members, and I’ve just discovered the product discount field under the club membership. In the tests I’ve done, I’ve entered the full industry discount (30%) in that field and it appears that what is entered in that field is the discount that applies in the club order. I suspect it works like with promos, where the higher discount overrides the lesser discount.

@tom2 @susan - We recommend using the Product Discount field if you have Club Members that receive additional discounts on the Club Shipment on top of what other club members are getting. It would work well for Industry club members, if they receive additional discounts.

When you create your Club Shipment, in the Package Setup section, you are adding Products to the Shipment with the discounted Club Price. Since the SKUs are already discounted, we would recommend you only put in the additional discount, not the full discount. In this case, 5% instead of 30%. Adding 30% will result in these Club Orders receiving 30% off on top of the already discounted Club Price.

Hope this helps!

great - makes total sense now. Thanks Carisen!

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Hi, Yes! It will auto add the 5% you input when you run clubs so they will get a 30% discount total

Hey Carisen,

Thanks for your input on this topic, but I’m still having trouble. Our industry discount is 33% but club members receive 15%. If I add 18% to the product discount field under the membership, the discount doesn’t calculate properly. What I receive is 18% off the already discounted price, not 33% off the retail.

For example, take our $35 Chardonnay. If I were to discount it 33% it would come to $23.45. If I were to give a club member 15% off it comes to $29.75. If I then add 18% off again, the system is taking 18% off the 29.75, which makes the price $24.39 rather than $23.45.

I am thinking now it just makes more sense to create an industry club…

Let me know your thoughts.



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Hi @tom2 ,

We have to work out the math manually in this scenario. Instead of 18% off, you should do 22% in the Product Discount field and it should be closer to what you need.

$100 x 0.85 x 0.78 = $66.30. It’s not perfect to $66.66 but it’s as close as we can get.

For the Chardonnay, $35 x 0.85 x 0.78 = $23.21. Again, it’s not going to perfectly calculate to $23.45.

If you need it to be the exact price, a separate Industry Club would indeed be the way to go.

Hope this helps!

I have a similar question. We have an industry club at 35% off but I want that to be for wine only, not for merchandise or tickets. How do I change specific departments to reflect the club discount structure?

@leanne Are you describing Promos in Club Processing or Promos in other sections? If it’s for Club Processing (Product Discount field in Manage Club Memberships), we can’t set up discounts to apply to only certain SKUs.

For non club orders, if all your SKUs are assigned to Product Departments, you can configure your Promos to Available To: Promotion on Select Departments and only select the Department you want to allow Promos to work.

Here is how:

Keep in mind, there is a difference between Product Departments and Product Type (Wine, Product, Event Tickets, etc). You can configure Promos to only work for certain Product Departments. However, you can’t configure Promos to only for for certain Product Type.

Hope this helps!

I have gone into promo’s and completed a promo for Industry club on all products by department and the 35% discount is still coming up. I am missing something and I do not know what it is.


@leanne hmm - can you reach out to about this? We’d like to take a look at your specific promo, how it’s set up and troubleshoot accordingly. Thanks!

Who are you trying to reach out to? If you want someone to reach out to you why not contact them directly instead of post up in a forum?

Does any one know if the Product Discount field (under a Contact’s Club Membership) is only applicable to club specific shipments? When I try to test the additional discount in the POS it doesn’t work, it just gives the normal discount for that club.