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Club Processing...HELP with discount


I am running club today and last night when I created the orders I noticed members are not receiving their club discounts on their orders! I am not sure why? I checked the club discounts and they all seem to be in order. Any help will be most appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time.


No promos are going to apply in club processing. You have the set the price, and it will stay that price no matter what.


I am not sure what you mean? When I ran club last time, the club discount automatically applied when the individual order was processed. When you say “set the price” do I do that manually when I create the order using a price override? Sorry…I’m a little confused. Thanks for your response.


Ahhh, never mind…I get it now. This is only my second time using Wine Direct and I received help on my first run. I see how I need to change the pricing now! Thank you for your help. You’re the best :slight_smile:


I can see this would be frustrating so I wanted to jump in quickly. Glad you’re making sense of it. The documentation page can be a big help: