Promo Question

I want to offer 15% off all Pinot Noir online, and want club members to receive 25% off. Do I need to create two different promo codes? I don’t want them to receive an additional 15% off. Ack!

You need to make two promos, and make sure they are not coupled so that the promo engine will only allow one to apply at a time. And when two promos meet the criteria to apply, the promo with the biggest discount takes priority, so the club member discount will win.

If you did have the two promos coupled, your members would receive both 25% off and another 15% off.

Thank you!!

I goes without saying, but I’ll say it: test all possible scenarios! :sunglasses:

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I have an industry discount at 30 percent and a WC discount 10 percent. the 10 percent overrides the 30. is there a box I’m missing that needs to be checked?

Sometimes it works out that you can do this with one promo. For example if club saves 15% everyday, and you want them to save 25% on something, and public/non-club normally saves nothing but is to save 10%, then you could do a single promo that is for 10% off Pinots, and couple it with the club promo that already gives them 15% off.

Non-Club: 10%
Club: 15% + 10% = 25%

Does the industry one need a copuon code or for them to be marked with a contact type? If both are applicable to “everyone”, for example, then the 10% won’t override the more valuable one. It would have to be that they’re not triggering the industry discount which might be COUPON CODE or CONTACT TYPE or it has QTY or SPEND criteria that isn’t met, etc. It never fails to apply the more valuable set of promos whether that’s just 1 or there are multiple that are coupled from my experience, it’s always user error.