Collecting Data on Club referrals

What does everyone use to collect data on referrals for club adds? We’d like to be able to track referrals that led to new club members - both the general category of referral (e.g. hotel, club member, restaurant, driver )and the name of the person or place who referred the new club member to us (e.g. The Westin, Driver Dave). We use source code to differentiate between our two properties and we can’t seem to find another logical place to input the data and be able to run reports on it.

Thank you!!

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Hello Sarah,

This is a good question. I’m sure that you have found that source codes are not directly reportable. We have in the past used contact types to track where referrals come from, this functionality is good for a repeated source like a partner hotel, or transportation company. I hope this helps.



Thanks, Brian! And actually, you can track source code on club but in reports it’s listed as club source.