Customer source code


We are trying to be diligent with our customer source codes so that we can see what aquisiition campaigns are converting to sales, but I’m not sure how to run a report which shows customer, source code and $ purchased and also if they are a club member. Is anyone able to help me?


I am also curious about the Source Code. Hopefully someone can assist us. :smiley:

I’ll ping this! We just started using source codes as well. How do you run a report on these?

I don’t think you can can you? Certainly not in a searchable fashion.

There are reports with source code. I just don’t recall which ones.

You are right - In the new report engine if you report Contacts > Contact List source code is a column.

The new contact list report shows the source code, but this report contains no sales information. I would like to know where I am getting the contacts from that are purchasing. For example, if I get names from a dinner that I do is that converting to sales. Does anyone have any idea if i can do this report. Seems a bit strange that you can record the source code, but can get no useful information out o the system. Thanks.

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Just a guess - but have you looked at Sales Detail X?

How do you enter/track source codes ?