Creating a club with a waitlist


We want to start a new club but I have a few questions around setting it up.

There will only be 600 packs available, but I want to create a waitlist for it as well. So the first 600 people to sign up have first opportunity to purchase, then if any change their minds, the next in line on the waitlist is given the chance to join.

I can set the club up, I just don’t know how to cut the list at the first 600 but still collect details for the waitlist part. Then if they’re all in one list, how would I skip the people on the waitlist to only charge the first 600 first, without doing it manually? Potentially there will be 2000 members, with 1400 waitlisted (big dreams but it could turn out this way). Manually skipping 1400 people would not be fun!

My one idea is to have one ‘real’ club, let’s call it WC1, capped at 600 members. Once that’s full, it’s taken off the website and another club WC-Waitlist is put up. This will mean a lot of changing of links and things on socials so if it could all somehow go through one club, that’s the dream :slight_smile:

Does that make sense? Any help appreciated. Thank you!


Hi Katie,

We are planning on launching in the new year. How did you end up working with this?


Hi Mark,

I set up two clubs and monitored the numbers manually, switching to the waitlist option when the first one was full. We use the same landing page so socials etc can all be directed to one location and just switch the link to the signup page.

Hope that helps!


Hi Katie,

Is this still working well?