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Welcome Package


How does it work? Once a club membership is added to a contact does it automatically charge them or does it just load it into the cart?


It will automatically charge. I can be bypassed in the admin panel.


Depends if you have a Welcome Package set up for the club or not.

If you do have a Welcome Pacakge set-up it will automatically charge for the Welcome Package if they sign-up via your website, but you sign someone up through the admin panel you can choose whether or not to send it.

If you don’t have a Welcome Package set-up it won’t charge anything when they sign-up via your website or through the admin panel.


So if they sign up via POS it will automatically charge, too? Just trying to get an idea of what it looks like and how the customer experience is in person. Thanks!


Not sure about the POS as we don’t sign members up through the POS. Maybe try signing someone up through the POS and see what happens?


Thank you! Tested it out and it automatically charges on the POS too! Appreciate the help.