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Gift Membership Set Up Online

Hello! I see most of the gift membership posts are from several years ago, so I thought I’d refresh the question. I am attempting an email campaign that offers customers and current members to gift a membership for the holidays. It seems that WD still is only able to gift memberships by adding the recipient as a new shipping address. Which doesn’t address the issue if they want to pick up in the tasting room. We now have the ability to add a second email address, so that the recipient receives emails (unfortunately, transactional ones too). I set up a pre-pay gift membership for one year, so that it doesn’t continually charge the giver’s cc. How is everyone handling setting up the recipient? I have been fielding requests over the phone and creating new accounts. It seems like a bit of a hurdle if we send everyone an email and then ask them to call us to set up. Has anyone gotten creative with the workarounds on the front facing side of your website? Thanks! Maddie

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