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Credit card information posting on the wrong transaction

Has anyone else experienced a situation where a credit card swiped on one transaction processes on a subsequent transaction? This has happened to us numerous times. Support has not been able to figure this out. It started happening after we purchased new ipads and swipers. We are unsure if its a coincidence or has something to do the new swipers and ipads. Autofill has been turned off on all ipads. We have 5 ipads of various ages. The older ones appear to be fine. Same thing with the old swipers.

We are having this exact same issue. We swipe credit cards and a whole new previous customer’s credit card information pops up. We also update our club member credit cards and then we look back after a purchase is made and a random 1st time customer’s credit card shows up. Wine Direct does not know how to explain this. Wine Direct has also not been easy to get a hold of. I called two days ago, nothing. Email, out of office or the email bounces back. If anyone has any resolutions for this, let me know. We had a customer come here for the first time and some how, no clue, their one bottle was charged over $500 for a club member’s case purchase. Can somone from WineDirect explain this???

Hello there!

Terrah from WineDirect here.

I want to assure you that our product and development teams have been working to diagnose and address this issue, which has been reported sporadically from a handful of wineries.

We understand secure and accurate payments are critical for your business and we are working on this as our #1 priority. Just this morning, we received approval from Apple for an update to our iOS app that we hope will resolve the issue. Our teams are now beginning internal testing and we will keep you appraised of progress.

@sales1 I apologize that you have had trouble getting in touch with our support team. Please send me an email at and I will ensure you continue to get updates when we have them. We will also continue to update this thread.

Below is additional information about what we know about this issue and the steps our team has taken to rectify it so far.

Thank you,
Terrah, Client Success Manager

What we know about this bug:

  • Previously, we received sporadic reports of a credit card from a previous transaction persisting onto a new order from a different customer. These incidents occurred when wineries were using unencrypted MagTek swipers, and upgrading to encrypted swipers seemed to resolve the problem.

  • Recently, we received reports of this error occurring even with encrypted swipers. A team of our most senior developers has been working to diagnose and fix the issue for the past few weeks.

  • Our research suggests that the error occurs in cases where a bad swipe transaction is followed by a good keyed transaction, but we have not been able to replicate it in our testing. Because the payment errors occur so infrequently, it has been challenging to identify the root cause.

What we’ve done so far:

  • Reviewed all of our payment code and flows

  • Updated our payment API calls to ensure there is nothing within the payment itself that could be causing this

  • Out of an abundance of caution, we are in the process of updating the code from MagTek (SDK) that allows us to use the MagTek devices with the POS app

  • Our next step is to perform internal rigorous testing on this update. After that we will perform additional testing with a handful of wineries before releasing to all clients.

  • We continue to monitor all reports of erroneous charges and investigate other conditions which could be contributing to the problem.


We had the same issue with at least two transactions (so far) on September 6th.