Daily activity reports not including all info

As a Bookkeeper, keeping track of sales and income is very difficult via daily activity reports. Many times the credit card sales do not match what is actually deposited in the bank, and the daily activity report does not show cancellations, voids, or refunds. I have no idea what to look for, what the discrepancy could be, in order to look in other reports. And, where do I find these other reports that would show this? This takes a lot of extra time, adding to overhead? Is there an easier way?

Hi @kwilson! No help here, just wanted to see if anyone had gotten an answer to your privately as I am curious about this too. Our bookkeeper has run into problems with activity reports at times too.

Anytime we run into problems where the daily activity report and the deposits don’t match, we usually find the culprit in pending orders. An order that is pending won’t appear in the report, even if funds are captured. We personally have not experienced voids/refunds not appearing, unless they don’t go all the way to the “completed” status.
Hopefully that helps a little!

I also have this problem.

Is there a way to incorporate the gross sales, and discount amounts into the sales by sku report in the daily activity report? When I create a pivot chart to account for our inventory I need to see more than the amount of the item sold at the discounted price.

Curious how things are going for you. I used the Daily Activity Report to put daily sales total, tax liablity, cash as undeposited (till deposit), and amount charged on cards.

I was able to match each credit card deposit up with the amount put in from the Daily Activity Report unless there was a refund done on a day after a charge was made. Then I have to subtract the refund when “matching” them in Quickbooks as an adjustment.

I have only done this for a month, but I hope this works well going forward since we have more than one location for sales that we want to make sure that figure match between Wine Direct and Quickbooks.

And yes, it would be nice to be able to see discount by sku. Our old POS did that for us, but then again it did NOT do a lot of things that Wine Direct does do. :slight_smile: