Order not showing in order list

Have you ever had an order that went through your merchant account and was deposited in your bank, but you can’t find a record of the order in Wine Direct? Weird, I know, but just wondering…

Make sure you click “clear” before searching on the order number to make sure you are not filtering it out somehow.

Thanks, I found it by searching for the order total. There I found that it was a web order that was ordered and charged on the 10th. It was actually a “pick-up” order, but it got caught in our Compliance with Shipcompliant which isn’t quite set up properly for us. On the 20th I “ignored compliance”. Then it was marked as the order date of the 20th.

The problem came up because I am trying to perfect our reconciling of daily sales. So, the Reports:Financial:Daily Activity report didn’t show the order or credit card charge, but our merchant account showed the charge.

So, my reporting of our daily sales put into QBO was expecting a lower amount than the actual amount deposited into our bank account. :slight_smile:

Weird that I was concerned about more money going into our account than I was expecting, but just want to know that our system of reporting daily sales totals into QBO is working.

Thanks for your suggestion.

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