Need total sales for each club shipment

I need a report so I can compare club shipment sales (This year vs. last year, for example) and too check sales on shipments regularly. I usually do an activity report and look at all “club orders” but if someone updates their credit card and purchases a shipment it will show in those sales as well mixing sales from different club tiers. We have FOUR different clubs that happen in May and I want to be able to see how much each club is responsible for sales wise. How do I find this information? Am I missing a club report somewhere? I feel like the solution is right in front of me and I’m not seeing it. Thaaaanks!

Regular Sales reports have Club and Club Shipment columns - does that work?

I was hoping to be able to filter by shipment (like how we can do with SKUs or the same way other reports offer a filter by club or shipment) but I can do it this way by doing order detail and adding the shipment columns myself. Thanks @ElJefe!

A pivot table is easier than adding columns. Google around and you will find tutorials on how to do it.


Pivot table worked perfect. Thanks again! I had a feeling the solution was right in front of me :slight_smile: