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Declined Credit Cards on a Club Run


I am hoping someone can clarify this for me. We are getting towards the end of our first club run under WD. Last week we sent an email to our members who have still have to pick up their orders so they know the deadline date before we ship their wine. I ran into a member whos card initially declined on our processing day but updated it when he picked it up. I was wondering since his card declined and it does not have a shipping status selected, that is why he was grouped into the members who have yet received their orders. Has anyone else had a problem with this?

When they updated their card in person, were they charged for that release then and there? If so, how? Through the club batch tool, or through POS/AdminPanel?

Hello Ed!

Thanks for your response. If a member picks up their order and needs to update their credit card in person, it is done through the POS. However, if a member updates their credit card prior to picking up their order on their account we do update/process both on the admin panel and the club batch tool. When we update a members credit card through the admin tool, we apply their credit card to their club on their account and then go to the club processing tab and process through the batch ( I hope that makes sense)

If I’m reading this correctly, the customer came in and updated their credit card and was charged through the POS. I believe the tool that determines whether a member has a declined club order pulls from the batch tool, so it’s possible they are appearing on the list because the batch tool doesn’t know they were charged.

Yup. What he said :point_up_2:

After the customer comes into the tasting room and is charged through the POS are you still going into the club batch on the admin side and Skipping them in the club batch? That should pull them out of the report you’re getting.

It is possible to do this through the POS. It just takes some training for your staff on the procedure:

  1. After updating the club member’s card, proceed to “Manage Contact” and select “Orders” on the left hand side.
  2. Select “Show Pending” in the upper right. This will display any pending orders that the club member has, including declined club orders.
  3. Select the now visible club order that shows a status of “Declined”
  4. Select “Resume Order” in the upper right
  5. Proceed to checkout and process using the updated card on file.

This method will remove the declined flag from their account and update the the club batch to reflect the new status , since your are continuing with the original batch order. It also has the added benefit of not producing a duplicate order as the batch tool will do if you re-run the order through it. It would be nice if WineDirect would add a feature that launches this process by clicking on the declined flag (similar to the way it brings up a club order marked to be picked up).

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