Email design programs? Canva, Mailchimp?

Looking to improve the appearance of our emails as everyone knows WineDirect’s system is a little lackluster. Looking into Vintools integration with Mailchimp, but not currently enjoying the free version of Mailchimp, and I already have a subscription and experience using the editing app Canva, which integrates with Mailchimp… just not sure how many more hoops I’m going to have to jump through to make this work and just wondering what everyone else uses for their emails. I should add, I am not a coder!

I’m not sure the Canva integration with Mailchimp syncs over email templates:

But if Canva allows you to export the HTML and files, you can upload them to Mailchimp as your own code.

I use Canva all of the time with mailchimp. Works like a dream.