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Embed forms on non-vin65 sites?

I’m slowly starting to migrate our website & systems more fully into vin65. I currently use a mailchimp form to capture email sign-ups on my existing site (and from Facebook). Rather than collect these emails on mailchimp I would prefer to collect them directly into vin65 as lately I have been using vin65 almost exclusively for sending out our emails. The only thing I can find so far is to create a vin65 form, but I don’t think I have any mechanism then to embed that into a site other than a vin65-hosted site. Is that correct? Any workarounds out there? Eventually it will be a non-issue once I migrate the site to vin65 but in the mean time I’d like to go ahead and capture emails if at all possible.

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Do you have part of your website up on Vin65 already? I had a similar situation where I was (and still am) working with a seperate CMS for our website and Vin65 for our ecommerce. I created a page in Vin65 for our newsletter sign-ups and inserted the sign-up form on it and then changed our newsletter link on our original website to go to redirect to the Vin65 newsletter page.

Hi. I think I tried this once and it didn’t work, but you can try finding the form you want on the Vin65 page (whether that’s the default subscribe form or a custom one), and ‘view source’, and then copy everything between <form> and </form> tags. Then put those onto a webpage in another site. You’ll presumably have to change the relative path in the ‘action’ section to contain the full URL ( for example). You’d have to adjust the CSS to design the form as well.

I’m 99% sure it doesn’t work.

I’d say either keep using mailchimp, though I think it bills by list size so if you’re not using it that may be a bad idea. You can use any form that you want (wuform, custom built, etc.) and just export and import into Vin65 as an alternative.

Or look here!


Hi Lindsey, thanks for the tip! I don’t have anything on vin65 yet (except my POS), this is my first step in what will undoubtedly be a long migration. :slight_smile:

Tsartoris, that looks perfect! I’ll give it a try and see if that works.

My developer tells me this only a basic form to collect data, not specifically a form with which to sign people up to one’s mailing list. Does WD really not supply a way to collect sign-ups off platform?

Hey @jason1,

However you set up your form within WineDirect will be used and displayed on your external site. Optional settings within WineDirect include: tying the the information to a contact, a Contact Type, and displaying an opt-in checkbox for your mailing list.

So to confirm, we can host a mailing list sign up form on another CMS that directly adds someone to our WD list?