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Exchange beta - order type


We’re having a bit of a conundrum here. When you have an existing club order and process an exchange in the TR, the order type of the order created for the exchange is also set to club order.

And, the inventory that the exchange is pulled from is the TR pool.

That seems right, but there are side effects that have me crossed up:

  1. The exchange sale does not show up on the Daily Activity report for the day. We reconcile the wine count at the end of day using the sales on the daily activity report. When we do exchanges the count is off.

  2. Any other items purchased on the exchange will also go into club orders, so that when I do an Inventory Sold report on the TR, that will also be off.

  3. I haven’t yet tested this but I also suspect that if the exchange order is paid for in cash, the cash sales reported in the Daily Activity (based on the TR order type) will be off since that cash goes into the club order type.

Since the exchange order occurs in the TR I think it should be the TR order type so that the sales activity matches the inventory activity. @SarahBarwin?


The only reason I think the exchange should be used is to switch out cluborders, or “whatever order type here” not process additional purchases.

If people want to buy additional things, a second order should be run.

All cluborders, whether declined and then run in the TR or through adminpanel will all be marked as club orders…meaning that turning them to TR pool would screw up sales reporting for ClubOrders.



People don’t like to be told they have to do things like separate orders, makes them not want to buy any more. :slight_smile:

But it didn’t occur to me that maybe we can flip the exchange order type from club back to TR using the Additional Info button. Is possible perhaps?


You should be able to change the order type and inventory pool in additional info, but even if you can’t from POS you can change the order type after the fact in the Admin Panel.

But it makes sense from a reporting perspective to have the order type match where you are processing the exchange rather than have it match the original order. I guess it depends on where you want to place your revenue, should it go to POS or should it update the Club revenue since they are making an exchange on what was originally a club order?


We just started toying around testing the POS Exchange process that is in open beta. We were very excited about this possibility, but found some issues right away. Every exchange creates a new order in the system, which is fine, except the new order is classified as a “refund order” whether or not the amount is positive or negative. This means that now if you wanted to refund/return the order, you cannot.


Yes, and if the order is positive or zero you can’t tell from the order listing that it is an exchange.