Regarding exchanges for club pickup orders

Recall that executing an exchange (“refund”) order does not mark the original order as picked up. This means you either have to trust your crew 100% to do it right, or periodically look for the unmarked orders and clean them up.

Would be nice if this happened automatically. -b-u-g-f-i-x- I mean feature request. :grinning:

Anyway, it took me a while to figure out how to even find them. I finally just decided to look for all club orders that had a refund attached, and see if they were marked as picked up.

No report showed original orders that have refund orders attached. A couple reports do show refund orders and what the original order was.

For whatever reason Sales reports don’t all have the same columns available. You need a report that has the Original Order Number column available.

I used Sales by Number and set the order number range based on the time span and filtered on club orders picked up and not picked up.

I sorted on Contact Number and then order number. At this point I decided to just scan the table for orders that had an Original Order Number, then looked on the lines above to see if the original order had no pickup date.

Fun stuff…

I would call this a bug, especially given everything you had to do to try to find the orders. I had no idea finding them would be so complicated.

We had this happen when we did a flip to ship for our pickups and an original order shipped to a customer even though it had been refunded, recharged and picked up.

I want to be able to sell more wine, not just SHIP it.

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Refunded or not (although definitely if refunded!), we should be able to verify that we are not shipping already picked-up club orders. AMS clearly displayed the last staff member to view or open an order, and that prevented this problem. I really wish WD could figure out a way to help with this.

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You can now automatically have a Shipping Status assigned to orders refunded on the POS.

  • If the original order is partially refunded/exchanged, you can automatically set the status to “Picked Up”
  • If the original order is completely refunded/exchanged, you can automatically set the status to “No Shipping Required”

Currently this is just for the POS and can be enabled through your POS Profile. Please let us know how it works for you and any feedback that you have. Read more about it here »