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Expired Credit Card, Recent Transactions

We’ve noticed some contacts have expired credit cards on file, but despite this, they have purchases on file that are after the expiry date on file. How is this even possible?

Hello Sidzan,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Could you please give us some more information on this issue.

  • Name of Winery
  • Name of the contact
  • Orders that have been charged with expired credit cards

Could I also please get your email addresses so I can create a ticket for you and keep you up to date on my findings.

Best regards,


I mean technically, some credit cards can be processed without an expiration date at all. In fact, some Merchant Processors let you turn off expiration verification. Though this is likely not the culprit, you may want to triple check your Merchant Processor/Gateway settings and see what verification methods you have enabled.

Seems to be more specific to Amex

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Do you have the credit card updater feature?

Not sure on that….I’m guessing not, but how would I know?


You would have set that up with your credit card processor (WineDirect Payments?) and WineDirect would be charging you $1.00 on your monthly invoice for each updated credit card. This service would update the card information associated with the account, but I don’t think it shows the new expiration date in your credit card data tab. In the Notes section of your customer record it would show “Card Updater Service” and list there any changes made to the card data.

We use a credit card merchant called Elavon as we are in Canada.

Based on what I see, we are not using the updater service.