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Recently Edits Contacts

In the Admin Panel, I am noticing that the Recently Edited Contacts column is updating with a new list of five or six customers virtually every time I hit refresh yet no one one on our end is updating those accounts. It’s been doing this for a few days. Any idea what this could be from?

I am finding the same thing and for a number of days.

If I open a contact Wine Direct says that the contact has been modified but I am not receiving an email that notifies of any change.

When a customer edits their information through the website, it shows up in the recently edited area. Maybe that’s what you’re seeing? You can double check if the “last login” section shows today’s date, if so, it’s likely what you’re seeing.

@wineclub3 & @rmcguire, t’s happening virtually all day and with contacts that have zero purchase history, have unsubscribed, etc. I was actually thinking it might be the auto-credit card updater, but I thought that ran every 40 days…not all of the days.

sounds like a ticket to wine direct support is in order, then. Seems something is broken!