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Fed Ex vs. UPS

We’ve always used UPS but we have also been getting an increasing amount of damaged packages and returns. I’m considering FedEx. Besides when we run club, we only ship about 20-30 cases a month. Does anyone use FedEx and have the same problem? Does anyone have any advice for controlling damages with UPS?

The obvious first question might be to look at your shipment packaging. Has that changed at all?

agree with Ed: check your packaging. I have orders of magnitude more packages and we rarely see damaged packages and we use UPS here.

Returns, however, are a whole other can of worms…


I agree the packaging is essential. We have very heavy bottles and the pulp in our stand up case shippers is falling apart in transit. Does anyone have suggestions to the best case pulp to use?

Where are you sourcing your packaging from?

Our shipping warehouse uses Acorn.


That might be something you want to address with your fulfillment house. If they are unable to supply packaging to safely deliver your bottles, you probably have some leverage.