Current UPS integration

We sent out our Wine Club Shipments on October 12th and 13th. Half our customers received NO tracking information. The other half are STILL receiving emails multiple times per day that their packages “shipped” even after receiving their packages. We have submitted a “support ticket” last week with no response. The CEO of Kroger stores is emailing us because he received over 60 of the same emails in one week. Someone needs to address our issue or we are canceling our business with Wine Direct.

We are experiencing the same issue. I reached out to support and have had a case number assigned but as of today (at least a week in) the issue has not been resolved. Customers are becoming very frustrated.

This is also happening to me. Sent out many thousands of packages, almost zero emails went out. What a mess.

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We have the same issue. We talked to someone in ‘support’ and they basically said that have know there is an issue for two months now and that they haven’t heard of any one having ‘Big’ issues until we talked to them. When asked if they know when it will be fixed, they said they hope soon. They told us that we shouldn’t do any batch labels through winedirect and to only do them through UPS which doesn’t seem reasonable at all when we have thousands of shipments.

The least they could of done is sent out something to their clients to let them know of the problem ahead of time. WineDirect is so disappointing

They said the same thing to me. That the “Easy Ship” emails are broken and they will be fixed “soon.” It appears to be something that is happening when you import order tracking info through a spreadsheet.

Just now I looked at my email tracking reports and it seems like the emails are working again, not sure if this issue has been resolved in all cases, but it appears so!