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Food Service/Restaurant Best Practices

Hi All -

The food service in our tasting rooms has increased in a huge way, and the functionality of WD doesn’t seem to be meeting our needs for this side of our business anymore. We have tried the restaurant features but have found the ticket firing system to be unreliable and too clunky. That said - we love WD for its club management, e-commerce, etc and don’t want to move away from the platform because of that. We’re investigating adding a restaurant-specific POS in addition to WD, but I want to be sure this is something we actually need (it’s another big expense & change to operations) vs. just a change to our processes using WD that could increase our efficiency with the current system.

So my question - for those of you who have more restaurant-style operations in your tasting rooms, what have you found that works well? I’d love to hear about your best practices using WD, or if other operations have found the need to go with an additional POS to run their food service.

Thanks!! Feel free to email me at too.