Restaurant Features - Who's Using?

Hi fine forum people,

We’ve been using the Restaurant features (table seating, receipt printing to a kitchen, etc) for our own food service and wanted to reach out and see who else is using the Restaurant in a big way.

We do a lot of food on a moderately busy day, and it seems like the features are kind of clunky and time consuming. This could just be our processes though.

So, for anyone doing food service - what are your best practices? What do you like and dislike? How do you optimize efficiency when placing a food order? We just want to step outside our own bubble and see what’s working for other tasting rooms and kitchens.

We are definitely interested in this also. We have a hatted restaurant as well as the cellar door and casual food offerings. At this stage we are still running on 2 different pos systems as vin65 is to clunky to make service smooth. I have put in a few feature requests to try to help this. Would love to know how it’s working for others.

We use it for our restaurant orders also. It works, many things I would change about it. We also use it to send orders to a wine room person that then delivers the wine to the guest table. I’m kind of rushed this morning but if anyone would like some more info about what we are doing or specific questions you can ask on this thread, or email me at

We use this for our cafe, but it’s definitely clunky. Would love to see a special instructions message function. Would make things much easier and without it we might as well be hand delivering the tickets to the kitchen. If anyone has any workarounds for this please email me.

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