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Formating Invoices

Is it is possible to change the format of the invoices that WD produces. Mine print so low on the page that they run into the footer. As well if there is sufficient lines on the invoice, the bottom lines will be pushed to the left hand side of the page.

I have been through the documentation that WD provide but it seems limited to changing headers and footers - which I have done.

Can anyone tell me if changing the format is possible?

I’ve never run into this, and I’ve printed quite a few invoices in the past. Things I would check:

  • What size paper are you printing? The invoices are formatted for 8.5x11 paper.
  • What PDF reader are you using to print?
  • Can you post a scanned copy of an example?
  • Have you uploaded a custom PDF template?
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This how the invoices are currently printing Example Invoice.xlsx (316.0 KB)

From what my web designer was saying uploading a custom PDF according to the documentation only seems to change the header and footer - the rest of the invoice appears to be fixed.

In your example, the footer on the custom PDF you have uploaded is overlapping with the invoice content.

You’ll need to fix that template, if you don’t know how, it might be a good idea to have your web designer do that for you.