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Hello WD World!

I was wondering if there was a way to track and invoice wholesale accounts through WD, then when we later receive payment form the order then we can finish processing the order. Is this a thing or even possible? Thank you all in advance! :slight_smile:

ZO Wines

Great question, Tyler. We could use that facility, so I’m keen see solutions.

Would love to see this option as well.

What if you just put the wholesale order “on hold” (do not complete the order) and then go back in to edit and complete the order when they pay?

@tyler3 Yes. Here’s the way I know how to accomplish what you’re trying to do:

  1. Set a wholesale price level (store - price level)
  2. You can link individual wholesale contacts to that price level (within the contact go to manage store, at the top of that section you set their price level and whether they pay tax)
  3. Under each product you can set it’s wholesale price.
  4. I would also set up a wholesale order type to help segregate those orders.
  5. When a wholesale account places an order you can start the order, print the invoice for them, put the order on hold until they pay you, then complete the order.

Let me know if you guys think this is a viable option!

Just be aware that this will count towards your total $ through the system and will influence the tier of charging that WD puts you in,.