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Free Shipping on 6 bottle case wines and or free shipping on 12 bottle mixed case


We have two wines that come in a 6 bottle case (icon wines) and the rest are in 12 bottle cases. Our shipping rule is free shipping on full cases of wine - so if a customer buys 6 bottles of icon then free shipping. If they buy 12 bottles of mixed wines (icon and other) they will also get free shipping.
Can’t figure out promos and what shipping strategies to use - very confusing. Please Help!


Couldn’t you just build two different promos and include the icon wines only on one that applies for 6 bottles and for the other promo just build it for every other wine. And as I always get yelled at when I say free shipping by other people, I’d suggest doing shipping included :wink:


Hi,Tried that - doesn’t work. Icon has to be in both as Icon wines can be single bottles in the 12 bottle case which is (shipping included…) and also makes up a 6 bottle case.


Haven’t had this exact situation and have not tested, but how about a third promo that can’t couple that is minimum 6 that allows for both types?


Thanks Jay. Will try.