Gift discounts

Hello, I am trying to figure out how to give a 10% discount on gifts for members. I use one product as gifts as we price them with a price gun and I don’t want to clutter the system with a 100 different gift products. So I have the gifts at 0.00 retail and we manually put in the price. If I set up a promo it doesn’t come out correct when we put in a members name. I hope that I am explaining this correctly. Thank you in advance.

When you say it doesn’t come out right when using a promo, can you elaborate on what it is saying?

Hello Ed, So I set up a item called “gifts” I put in a price of say $10.00. Then I add in a promo for club members of 10% off. I add a item of gifts to the POS and it will come out correctly at $9.00, but if I change the price to $20.00 it will kick out the discount and stick to the $20.00 price. I hope that clarifies.

Oh, I see. Yes, if you do a price override in the POS to an item in the cart, it will assume that is the exact price you want and will remove any promotions. How many different gift items or prices do you have roughly?

Hi Ed, We can have 50 to 75 at a time and we carry different items different times of the year. So probably 200 total.

How many different prices? Are all 50 different prices or could you bin them into a smaller set of prices? Then in your SKU you could have:

$10 Gift Item
$20 Gift Item
$50 Gift Item
$100 Gift Item

And then the club discount would apply to those.

Thank you Ed, that is a great idea. Thanks for the help!