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Historical data broken out by day

Hoping someone can help me! I need to export historical monthly data. I’m trying to get our POS sales, separated by day, in one report vs. having to export for each individual day. Anyone know how to get that information?

For example, Oct 1-31st 2020… I’d like to get a breakdown of each day in ONE report, vs. exporting 31 different ones.

Thank you in advance!

How much detail do you want in the report? Do you want just a total daily revenue, or do you want it broken down by bottles sold?

I only need to know daily revenue for POS orders, super easy! Nothing granular at all.

The easiest way by far would be:

Run the Orders By Ship/Pickup Date (Manage Filters to meet your needs)

Set the date range.


PivotTable Date and SubTotal.