Reports of Wine Sales by Associate

Does anyone know if it is possible to do a report on just wine sales by associate? not total sales.

Do you just want to know how many bottles each has sold?

If you take the new Order Detail report over your desired period, you can then build a PivotTable with Sales Associate as your Row label and Sum of Quantity as your value.

Not bottles, actual wine sales number dollar amount.

Same process.

  1. Run an Order Detail report.

  2. Build a PivotTable.

  3. Make Product Type your filter (and subsequently select Wine only).

  4. Make Sales Associate your row label.

  5. Make Sum of Ext Item Price your value.

  6. Profit.

  7. Ask for raise.

Thank you appreciate the help

This is a little late but we’ve just deployed a minor enhancement to the New Reports tool that should enable users to filter the Order Detail report on each order’s Sales Associate. To access the new filter, simply head to the Order Detail Report form then click [Manage Filters] then [Add Filter]. You should see a pop window where Sales Associate can be checked on.

Hope it helps!